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WCB provides more than 40 years of experience in civil engineering, structural engineering, and construction administration, serving both public and private clients. Combining our desire to serve, our education, experience, and thorough understanding of projects and their process, we give our clients results that meet their needs and desires, while keeping overall costs to a minimum.

Civil Engineering

Design and Construction Administration of:

  • Streets and Roads

  • Highways

  • Airports

  • Site Development Projects

  • Utilities

  • Water Systems

  • Sanitary Sewer Systems

  • Storm Drain Systems

  • Project Cost Estimating and Bidding

Structural Engineering

Design and Construction Administration of:​

  • Residential Housing

  • Commercial Facilities

  • Industrial Facilities

  • Medical Facilities

  • Educational Facilities

  • Airport Facilities 

  • Seismic Evaluations

  • Design of Concrete, Wood, Masonry, and Steel Structures

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